San Quentin 2, Alpine Trail 8, and Nail Trail E1- Best of 2019 in World of MTB

The San Quentin 2, Alpine Trail 8, and Nail Trail E1 were included in the Best of 2019 in World of MTB. Here's what they had to say about each model (translated from German):

San Quentin 2

"It aims to bring out the expressive power of the hardtail bike for rough terrain and Matt Jones helped develop it. The frame is indestructible and clearly has a downhill-biased geometry, as the fork has over 130 millimeters of travel."

Alpine Trail 8

"Rugged trails, steep descents - With speedy downhills and adrenaline rushes, the Alpine Trail 8 pulls together with the rider and is up for more than just downhills. 160mm and 150mm front and rear travel in combination with the large 29" wheels provide sufficient dividends. The modern geometry paired with the 12-speed Sram NX Eagle Group, enable easy uphill climbs and drives up the “funometer". The style is chic, the price is hot, and Marin is an old brand in the scene.”

Nail Trail E1

"It could be the entry-level drug for e-bike addiction. The Nail Trail E1 is equipped with the small and light Shimano Steps E-8000 mid-drive motor and a powerful 504 watt-hour battery and provides a lot of fun for uphill. The RockShox Recon RL provides powerful 140mm travel and, in combination with the durable 2.8" tires, offers plenty of reserves on the trails. The geometry is modern and cut down to go full speed on the trail.”

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